Vandalism in the RTS building and intimidation of journalists

The International Association of Journalists strongly condemns the vandal attack in the RTS building last night, leded by SzS representatives, Bosko Obradovic and Dragan Djilas.

The attack on the RTS frightened us and worried us. The vandals who entered the premises of Radio-Television Serbia behaved brutally and threatened journalists and employees. Some of them also came with chainsaw and with masks on the face. Such behavior has nothing to do with the principle of democracy to which protesters are called upon. We must condemn the attack on the freedom of the media and the attempt to violently influence the editorial policy of the Public Media Service.

Violence can not do anything good, but opposition representatives increasingly resort to these methods. After a great reaction from the police that removed the hooligans from the RTS building, the protesters threatened to return. We appeal to all people to condemn violence.

We provide full support to RTS employees and we hope that such terror and violence will never be repeated anywhere.

Petar Spoljaric
S-Press President